Cosmic workshops

Welcome to the Workshop page! Every child aged 4-12 can participate in Robotiada’s workshops, which will take place in the event’s workshop area. The workshop duration is one hour, every participant must register in advance in order to participate. Each age group will complete different tasks, using LEGO educational robots. The tasks are real-world issues which astronauts face on Earth and in Space.


Topic: Preparation for the flight to Mars

Every journey starts with the necessary preparations - board the crew, prepare the rocket for launch and wait for lift-off!
Equipment used: LEGO Education WeDo 1.0

0 Class

Topic: Getting to Orbit

A rocket exerts massive amount of power to get to Orbit. In order for a launch to be successful, a balanced launch mechanism has to be created. Create a launch mechanism for your crew and help them reach Orbit!
Equipment used: LEGO Education WeDo 1.0

1 Class

Topic: Exercise in Space

Congratulations - you have reached the furthest borders of Earth’s atmosphere! There is one side effect - your muscle mass starts deteriorating the minute you leave our Planet. Create a robot which will help you exercise in zero gravity!
Equipment used: LEGO Education WeDo 2.0.

2 Class

Topic: Rock and soil sample collection

You have finally reached Mars - it is time to begin work on your Mission - to bring back soil and rock samples from the rocky Planet. Create a robot to bring back the samples to Earth.
Equipment used: LEGO Education WeDo 2.0

3 Class

Topic: Electricity on Mars

Our newly-created research station on Mars requires electricity for almost every task. Prepare the Solar panels, create a working power station and provide electricity for the whole research station!
Equipment used: LEGO Education MINDSTROMS EV3

4-6 Class

Topic: Back to Earth

Rock and soil samples from Mars are successfully loaded onto the cargo bay of the spacecraft. It is time to go back to Earth - create a robot, which will let you escape the rocky Planet’s surface and return to our home Planet.
Equipment used: LEGO Education MINDSTROMS EV3

Let’s train and travel to the space!

Space Workshops

Children and parents gather in a constantly lively workshop area. Here you will have the opportunity to construct your first robot, test your creative thoughts, and get to know the technologies you have not yet discovered. The 2019 workshop program promises to be even bigger and more impressive. In addition, all workshops will bring all of us together into space. So prepare your space suits and get up!

robotiados dirbtuviu nuotrauka
robotiados dirbtuviu nuotrauka

Design and compete

In 2018 more than 500 families participated in the workshop, so this year we prepare even more lessons, so you simply be taken to orbit. Although the workshops will grow in number of places, there will be much more order. Workshops will be aimed at individuals and families aged 4-18 and will be held throughout the day. In addition, we will also have special workshops, after which you will be able to test the created robot on the competition mat!

robotiados dirbtuviu nuotrauka

The largest number of workshops for families

The event organizer - the Robotics Academy - will invite you to the largest space and cosmos themed workshop. Partners and guest also organize workshops, offering a variety of challenges of its workshop area. Follow the information on our website and Facebook page.

robotiados dirbtuviu nuotrauka

The workshop schedule and registration will be published on 1st of February 2019. Workshop registration is only valid with an event ticket and does not provide free access to the event.