What will we do in ROBOTIADA?

Every participant of the event in ROBOTIADA will find some interesting things that will please the eye or give new experiences. In 2018 we had an LEGO exhibition, a military town with weapons, educational exhibitions related to water issues, fun activities for both small and large. So there will be no boredom in space station ROBOTIADA:

  • Virtual Reality
  • Interactive photo stands
  • Smart games wall
  • Scientific Show
robotiados pramogų nuotrauka
robotiados pramogų nuotrauka

See, try, buy!

You will have the opportunity to try and buy the latest smart toys and other devices from our partners - these and other entertainment will be waiting for you in the entertainment area already on 23rd of March! You will have the opportunity to watch and even take part in the coolest robotics competitions, meet your favorite universe heroes, try out even more real reality entertainment. And if you are planning an impressive purchase - participants in the technology shopping area will offer you the best prices to meet your or your child's dream.

robotiados pramogų nuotrauka

Entertainment areas and event participants will be announced on 1st of March 2019.