We are young, wild and free and we love technology! We think that all discoveries can be made if educators, business giants, technology enthusiasts as well as experts gather together to share their ideas and visions.

At the event, all the people who have never considered themselves as technology nerds, will discover the most riveting sides of robotics! 2 days of various fun: suited people will meet each other at the conference and panel discussions, families and youngsters will participate in the FLL tournaments, Sumo, Folkrace, Freestyle, Line Following (also in LEGO category) VEX robot games and will be able to take part in the workshops, learn all about STEAM. The young and the mature  will be able to practice their talents, meet robots and those who created it.

Take a step into virtual reality and come back to learn dance moves from a true robot. You think you can dance? Just wait for a dance lesson!

We invite you  to spend 2 days at the  Robotiada 2017. Celebrating it’s 5th year anniversary, the Event suggests 5 ways to participate for everyone:

Robots of all kinds: industrial and domestic, those who can turn boooring housekeeping into smart and fun activities. Amazing shows and meetings: even excotic animals come to visit!

If you have a smartphone in your pocket or use a simple calculator, you are endorsing the world of robotics. People of any field of interest and age will be able to discover their talents and gain all superpowers of becoming the real inventors during the event. Let’s try out your potential of knowledge and creativity!

The time to show you courageous spirit is NOW! In the world-standard First LEGO League competition you will be able to see and participate in the largest FLL tournament in the Baltics, participate in robot Sumo, Folkrace and Line Following games.  

We believe that communication among all the sectors and fields can turn education into real and successful process of fostering inventors from an early age. Come and meet the professionals and the amateurs, share your ideas and opinions with people as smart and curious as you are.

Have fun!
Coding and constructing can be fun and innovative way to change the world! Boys and girls, mothers and fathers, students, aunts and uncles – all the members in the family will find something interesting to do and someone interesting to have fun with at the Event!



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